• Coffee Aficionados

    Know what you like? Rest assured we’ve got it and always will.

  • Coffee Newbs

    Just getting into coffee? Overwhelmed by the choices and snobbery? Rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

  • Chefs and Restaurants

    Want the perfect coffee for your meal? Our variety and expert roastmasters will make sure you find the perfect accompaniment.

  • Offices and Breakrooms

    Want to improve morale and productivity at work? It starts with a cup of good coffee.

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Our Story

Created by two brothers, Catapult was inspired by the trials and tribulations their family faced fleeing wartorn Bosnia and seeking opportunity in America.

The only things their parents had were coffee and each other. The family business quickly became coffee itself.

Now leveraging over 100 years of collective coffee roasting experience Catapult Coffee is here to help you launch forward

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